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The Make Life Pretty Mission

My Name is Donna Hollinshead, and Mostly I AM She Who...

I specialize in words and messages with a positive focus, simple bright designs that make everyday life pretty.

I started painting when I was 5. I can still smell that kindergarten tempera paint.

I have had many mentors and thousands of hours painting murals, canvas, paper, clothing, furniture and faces.

The Joy to

Paint & Create

I have been selling my art in various forms since I was 17. I have had an art-based business - always.  It brings me joy to paint and create. I create all of the original designs on paper, by hand, and keep it childlike and fun.

My mission is to awaken the natural state of happiness, loving and freedom residing within, with products and services that allow you to express it outwardly.


Spirit Gave Me

I have been painting everything for over 40 years. It seems like the gift Spirit gave me. I feel as though the brush paints me. I know how to surrender and let creativity flow through me whenever I create. My 25 years of face painting adds so much childlike joy to my work.

Making Life Pretty

From the Inside Out

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I AM Living Loving Laughing

Donna's Yoga Church

A non denominational experience where all religions, bodies and levels are welcome! It’s a virtual gathering place where students of all ages, levels and locations can come together to move, breath and be.


Soul Nourishment Coaching

Our beliefs are highly malleable, which means that our thoughts are ever evolving– sometimes all it takes a little support and coaching to gain awareness of our current thinking. Eight 1:1 sessions that provide you the perfect way to create meaningful and lasting change in your life.


Akashic Record Consultation

The Akashic Records are energetic records that hold information about our past, present and future lives. Each soul has its own unique Akashic Records, which serve as powerful resources when we engage with their wisdom. It provides you with the clarity, insight and reassurance that you need to move forward with confidence.


Donna Hollinshead

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