Relax Breathe Be Community

Inspiration, Connection & Conversation

Life is a playground for the Soul. And, it's so easy to get all caught up in the world and forget. Let's come together and focus on awakening your Soul connection.

When you are curious, you remember who you Truly are. Inspire YOUR being with exploration through conversations, yoga & movement, meditation, breath, journaling, play, and whatever else occurs to you in the present moment. It's like taking a bit of retreat time for yourself each month. 

When you give yourself the space to reflect on what you are noticing, with your community, expansion and greater awareness are natural outcomes.

🦋 Listen & Connect to the Whispers of Your Soul 🦋 

Are you interested in joining others & meeting your 2024 Relax Breathe Be Community? Say YES to You! Available in two options to fit your needs; there's Donna's 52 week Annual Access or 12 week Seasonal Sessions. 

Yummy Full Year Community Details

🦋 20% off Community Membership (Valued at $756)
🎨 Relax Breathe Be Journal (Downloadable PDF)
✨ 12 Monthly Live Zoom Connection Calls led by Donna 
💜 12 Videos from Donna to Spark the Topic of Exploration
🕉️ 12 Yoga Practice Videos
🌜 12 Guided Relaxation/Meditation Videos

Yes! Year Long Access | $603

If a whole year of yumminess is just a bit much for you this go around, then sign up for one of Donna's seasonal 3 month sessions. All the same amount of love and attention for but in an inspiration bite size version to better serve your life for only $189 per season. 

Seasonal Snapshot

🎨 Relax Breathe Be Journal (Downloadable PDF)
✨ 3 Monthly Live Zoom Connection Calls led by Donna 
💜 3 Videos from Donna to Spark the Topic of Exploration
🕉️ 3 Yoga Practice Videos
🌜 3 Guided Relaxation/Meditation Videos

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